About Us

The Renegade Education Project is a non-profit 501(c) organization dedicated to rigorous education, targeted advocacy, standards-based research, and high quality production in the arts.

The Renegade Theatre Project was founded in 2001 by Dr. Eric-Michael MacCionnaith as an independent education program to supplement theatre education in the Willamette Valley.  On a shoestring budget, RTP launched the Willamette Art Theatre Conservatory for Youth, a summer program to immerse area youth aged 7 to 18 in broad-based, integrative theatre education.  With logistical and space support from the University of Oregon’s Department of Theatre Arts, the summer program helped educate area youth in playwriting, acting, theatre design, musical theatre, and script analysis.  From this humble beginning RTP later teamed with the UO’s Talented and Gifted Program and the UO Cultural Center the following year, expanding the program with more classes as well as professional development for the influx of RTP teachers.  The following year, RTP partnered with the City of Eugene’s Parks and Recreation to bring theatre education to a broader-based audience.

In 2009, the Renegade Theatre Project changed its name to the Renegade Education Project to better reflect its mission statement which encompasses the endorsement and promotion of spectrum arts (both visual and performing arts), and an increased focus on research and advocacy work.  Today, REP is working within the Willamette Valley to build strong coalitions among artists and performers from many disciplines, working with policy makers, government, and for- and non-profit organizations to advocate for the arts in the community and within the schools, and to support and conduct arts-oriented research that will support stronger arts programs, performances, exhibits, and education in our communities.

As a non-profit organization working within Oregon, our overarching goal is to improve society and education through the arts.  Please join us in our mission.

For more information, please contact our ED directly at:

Renegade Education Project




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