Arts & Education Research and Program Evaluation

measurementmodThe Renegade Education Project has over 25 years of combined research and program evaluation experience.

The program evaluation and research branch of REP was founded in 1991 at the University of Tennessee, and is now fully part of the Renegade Education Project’s mission and scope.  REP is uniquely recognized as one of the most thorough and expert evaluation groups in the country with a specialized capacity to analyze and  cater to your needs in the key areas involving arts, arts education, and arts program evaluation.   In addition, REP’s work has been is valued by our clients and funders as a contributor to the larger effort of arts education, general education, arts reform, and arts advocacy.

Our projects serve learners, teachers, administrators, and artists in multiple settings both formal and informal.  It is our goal to bring together all stakeholders in the research and evaluation project.  As a result, we can work directly with audiences, funders, business interests, marketers, other researchers, policy makers, educators, and administration, as well as with the general public.  Since its founding, REP has carried out dozens of program evaluations; sponsored workshops, courses, and other educational activities; and engaged in a range of foundation and government-sponsored research studies.  Principal projects have involved the National Endowment for the Arts, the Getty Center,  universities, foundations, professional and community arts organizations, and school district administrators.

REP’s staff and associates have expertise in the arts, arts research, arts education, statistics, research design, and methodology.  They bring to their work not only skills in assessment and evaluation, but also content knowledge appropriate to the various programs we evaluate.

Our Work

The Renegade Education Project offers program evaluation, research, and statistical services for projects of all sizes in a variety of educational and arts contexts. While this makes up the bulk of our current work, we also conduct original research, and offer professional development and consultation on a broad range of arts, education, and program development.

Program Evaluation and Research

REP has conducted evaluations of a broad range of programs in professional development, systemic reform, curriculum development, audience and patron evaluation and marketing, informal and formal education, arts impacts on community and schools, and arts partnerships. The range of REP’s work provides an excellent view of the organization’s capacity to meet the needs of both large and small programs in many different content areas.

In addition, we offer professional development in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Program Evaluation
  • Introduction to Research Methodology
  • Introduction to Statistical Analysis and Interpretation
  • Meeting State and Federal Arts Education Standards
  • Evaluation Design
  • Instrumentation Development and Measurement
  • Using Evaluation Findings


REP also offers formal and informal consultation to support organizations’ internal evaluation and program planning, as well as external evaluation services for educational and arts organizations.  If you are considering a project or if you or your organization are in need of professional, confidential assistance with a project, please contact us for information about our services, rates, and how we can best help you with your project.


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