Support REP

When you contribute to the Renegade Education Project, you sustain a long tradition of support for the arts and arts organizations across America. And your donation is fully tax deductible.

As part of our mission, REP seeks to:

Promote and Foment Arts Production: creating visual and performing arts events of indisputable excellence in local communities, regionally and statewide.  Your support will help make more programs available to the widest possible audience.

Engage in Arts Advocacy: building a coalition of artists, educators, school administrators and staff, policy makers, politicians, and business leaders all interested in supporting greater arts opportunities both within our schools and within our communities.   Your support will help build this coalition and support for the arts by increasing public awareness, lobbying efforts, and arts-focused advertising campaigns.

Support Arts Education: coordinating educational events and conferences focusing on arts education and research; working with primary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions to supplement that arts programs already in the schools; building professional development opportunities for students, teachers, and administrators in integrative arts techniques; creating high-profile, quality arts education camps for youth.

Foster High Quality, Rigorous Arts-Oriented Research: developing a research center dedicated to quality arts education research, creating a storehouse for the best of the research in the field and developing original research to support arts in the classroom and in the community.

You may be inspired to give because the arts have made a difference in your own life and you would like to help others experience the difference the arts can make.  You may give to celebrate an important milestone or rite of passage in the life of someone you love.  You may give an annual gift or through a matching program with your employer. You may wish to include a bequest in your will or a deferred gift in your estate planning. And, for all these purposes, if you like, you can specify how your gift will be used, in a particular arts discipline or a particular initiative that is especially meaningful to you or those you love. Please include this in the message section of the donation form.

With the greatest appreciation the Renegade Education Project accepts these gifts.  Please know that your donation will make a meaningful impact in the lives of the people in your community and the children in your schools.

If you have questions, please contact us for more information.


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